RIP blogspot. Long Live Tumblr!

I've moved from blogger to Tumblr! Please check out my new Tumbelog.

It will actually survive unlike this one (and others) simply because it's updated automatically via twitter, flickr, flixster, youtube, dopplr,, vimeo, and more through the powers of RSS!

My new flash based site will be up soon too.


Your IQ could be 135, get on TEH INTERNETZ and it's 2

My apartment is currently up for rent so I've been using Kijiji, craigslist, UsedOttawa, and Carleton U off-campus housing sites like there's no tomorrow. The first thing I found is that we're actually getting a lot of Women asking about the place. Probably more Women than Men actually.

But when searching for a roommate, you come by a lot of weird people and sift them out quickly as they just jump out and say "Hey, I'm stupid!" or "Hey, I'm weird and smelly!" or in this case "H3y, how u be? 2moro wemeetz?k awsm talk l8r yo"

Here is the email:
hi there,i m interested abt ur room.currently i m working but from jan,08 i m goin to carleton or ottawa u.tommorow i will b there around 1.30 pm for a job.So call me 2morow morning if u r available to show me the cell#613-884-6701.thanks

and my reply:

That message is pretty hard to read. Your starting which school in January? January 2009 right, not 2008? Otherwise you would have started already. You will be in Ottawa tomorrow for a job interview? I am not available to show the place tomorrow, sorry. I will be showing the place all day Saturday. So come by then if you can... not even sure where you are living right now so I don't know how out of your way it is.

Might want to work on your typing, spelling, and grammar. Most people just delete messages that are like the one you just sent me. I know I was tempted to. Telling me your name, age, and what you do would be a great start for inquiring about a room for rent.


Arist of the milllisecond - Scorn

Artist: Scorn
Track: Stripped Back Hinge
Album: Stealth

have a listen!

That's a new one

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Roots Watch, Sony Microphone, New Track

Got my baby back. :)

Lost this watch back at Mont Tremblant months ago. Looked down to get the time and wouldn't you know it, the watch face had disappeared. Band and pins were still there, watch face gone. Well I shopped around for a good hour or so at Bayshore, drooling over a $795 Seiko sport watch ("psycho" price), some nixon watches, and even a couple deisel watches over at the new "WatchIt" store... but I wanted this one back. It was just too good a watch to not want back, Roots or not. I became too accustomed to the look of it.

Specific Model: Roots Gravity - Black - Men's

Got a sweet new Sony Microphone while I was at it. I was a little skeptical getting this small thing, but I have been proven wrong. It will definitely do all I need. I already had a track entitled "The Evil Dead" that I wanted to put some simple vocals onto. There's a little too much delay/reverb on the main chorus right now but for a first attempt I think it turned out pretty pro. Take a listen below and let me know what you think.

Model: ECM-MS907

Track Name: The Evil Dead
Artist: Syncy (aka Warren Dunlop)
Album: Less Than Three (unreleased EP)

Wonderland & White Water Rafting

Two days ago I was in a 7 person raft, floating down the Ottawa river and smashing into some giant waves. It was awesome. Unfortunately I don't have any video or photos as it was, well, wet. There is a guy that makes a DVD along each trip and my parents picked that up so I shall post a youtube video or freeze frames soon enough. We got into this thing called the "frog blender" and it tossed us around for a good minute or so. It was the best footage of the day and the aussie cameradude caught it, but cut it short as the DVD can't go on forever now, can it. Apparently my reaction is priceless--loving every minute of it (including when my mom got tossed off and sucked underneath by the current).

The weekend before that I went to Canada's Wonderland for the first time in a couple years and got to try out Behemoth. Got to see my cousin's, aunt, and uncle for the first time in awhile and we all had an awesome time. Here's a couple pics. (aka the site now = just broke just about every graphic design law in existence. They obliterated their navigation, their design, their corporate indentity--everything has changed. The site has changed far too dramatically and I doubt long time users and new users alike (including myself) will embrace the drastic change with open arms.

They had a great look going, it was unique, it was Now it's... I dunno... I really enjoyed the service and the site. Simply put, this blows.

Just yesterday I was patting the site on the back, referring friends left and right, telling them to get accounts and add me. How things can change in 24 hours. The service is still there but the site has lost its identity to me. I just got used to where everything was too.

Note to READ UP and then change it back! Change it back quick or I will go back to the familiar look and feel of purevolume... and I'm sure I'm not alone.